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Summer English Idioms, Part 2

Are you guys ready for Part 2 of Summer Idioms? It’s scorching hot today in my part of the world - luckily, I have a cold iced tea to cool me down! Here are 10 more summer English idioms relating to heat. If you missed the first 10 summer idioms, click here to view that blog post. Stay cool everybody!

Summer Idioms, Part 2

1. Soak Up Some Sun means to spend time in the sun and get a sun tan.

“I can’t wait to go to Hawaii this summer and soak up some sun!”

“Alex soaked up some sun for three hours and now his back is super red.”

2. To Be in Hot Water means to be in a lot of trouble to get into a difficult situation where you are in danger of being criticized.

“John got himself in hot water by arriving late for the meeting.”

“Amy found herself in hot water for openly discussing her political views about immigration.”

3. To Be Fired Up means to be very excited and enthusiastic.

“I’m so fired up about my new job - the pay is great and I also get to travel.”

“Martin is always fired up in the mornings - he has so much energy!”

4. To Play With Fire means to do something risky or dangerous.

“Are you driving a car without a license? You are playing with fire – you could go to jail!”

“Fighting with your boss is not good - you are playing with fire and might lose your job.”

5. To Be on Fire means to be very successful or to be very attractive or sexy.

“The supermodel’s dress was fantastic - she was on fire!”

“Kevin is on fire in his new job - he got promoted to a higher position in 3 months!”

6. To Light a Fire Under Someone means to pressure someone to work or act quickly.

“Betty had to light a fire under her students for them to turn in their essays.”

“It’s time to light a fire under those guys or they will never finish painting the house.”

7. The Dog Days of Summer means the hottest period of the summer, typically between early July and mid-August.

“It’s too hot to do anything outside during the dog days of summer.”

“Waterparks and swimming pools are full of people during the dog days of summer - everybody wants to cool down.”

8. Indian Summer means very warm weather in late autumn.

“The kids really enjoyed the Indian summer because they could go to the beach in October!”

“July through August were cold and wet, so we’re hoping for an Indian summer this year.”

9. To Beat the Heat means to escape the heat of summer, typically by finding indoor activities, places to go swimming, etc.

“We’re going to beat the heat by staying inside the air conditioned shopping mall.”

“Eating a snow cone on a hot summer day is a great way to beat the heat.”

10. Dead Heat means a race or a contest where 2 competitors compete evenly or finish at the same time.

“The two race horses finished the race in a dead heat!”

“During the food eating competition, it was a dead heat between Tim and Sean - they have both already eaten 15 hot dogs in under two minutes!”

I hope you enjoyed those summer idioms! I think that learning idioms make language learning more fun and interesting don’t you? It can help you understand English more like a native speaker and it can help you express complex things in a more simplified way. I think the best way to master idioms is to immerse yourself in everyday pop culture or to just simply ask English native speakers whenever you can! Do you have a favorite idiom? If you do, share and comment below!

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