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ナレーション 15点


Q&A 20点


アティチュード(態度) 3点


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No. 2 予想問題



Are infectious diseases becoming a bigger problem today?

Are Japanese companies conscientious about their female workers?

Are teachers today too protective of their students?

Do children these days spend enough time with their parents?

Do you think that efforts by developed countries can help to reduce global warming?

Do you think that it is very difficult to study English in Japan?

Do you think that Japanese society is becoming better for foreign tourists?

Do you think that local politicians these days care enough about their local community?

Do you think that more people in Japan will be interested in having a career in manufacturing?

Do you think that public universities should be free of charge for everyone?

Do you think that parents should control their child’s academic performance?

Do you think that the behavior of celebrities in public places sets a good example for citizens?

Do you think that the Internet has a beneficial effect on society?

Do you think that the government should ban smoking in all restaurants?

Do you think that TV programs today have too many restrictions?

Has IT had a positive effect on school education?

Is a part-time job necessary for students to be full-time workers?

Should each individual do more to reduce the amount of energy that we use?

Should more be done to help homeless people in your city?

Should parents teach children more about saving and spending money responsibly?

Should people do more to protect endangered languages?

Should the government introduce stricter immigration laws for people immigrating to Japan?

Should the number of weekly working hours in Japan be decreased?

Should we be taught more about the culture and traditions of the area where we live in?

Should we push young children to start studying English as early as possible?

Were people in the past more in touch with the environment than people today are?

No.3 予想問題



Do people in modern society put enough importance on spending time with the local community?

Do teachers today make their students work too hard?

Do you think that advertising for tobacco should be banned?

Do you think that an education system encourages students to be productive persons?

Do you think that it is acceptable to use disposable plastic utensils in many restaurants?

Do you think that it is important for workers to change their jobs?

Do you think that Japan should do more to promote its technologies to foreign countries?

Do you think that many companies in Japan ask their employees to work extra hours?

Do you think that new technology, such as AI, will make our lives better?

Do you think that our society should become completely cashless?

Do you think that parents today give too much freedom to their children?

Do you think that people today are concerned enough about protecting endangered species?

Do you think that reading helps young people develop a strong character?

Do you think that students are less loyal to their teachers these days?

Do you think that the number of young people who live with their parents after they finish their education will increase in the future?

Do you think that the quality of medical services in Japan is declining?

Do you think that the unmarried rate in Japan will increase in the future?

Do you think that unemployment increases because of IT?

Do you think that universities should offer more scholarships for good students?

Do you think that young people in Japan care enough about global warming?

Do you think there will be more essay-writing exams in universities in the future?

Is it possible to create cleaner air in most modern cities?

Is the elimination of COVID-19 an attainable goal?

Should governments have to provide child-care facilities for their civilians?

Should people believe more about what the news media reports?

Should we give up holding coal-fired power stations in Japan?

No.4 予想問題



Are natural disasters are more devastating than ever before?

Are Japanese high schools doing enough to improve their education systems?

Can social media help bring different nations closer together?

Do parents have a responsibility to provide financial support for their unemployed children?

Do people today rely too much on their mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads?

Do you think that it is a good idea for companies to hold back the date of the mandatory retirement age?

Do you think that Japan can produce enough food for all its residents in Japan?

Do you think that Japanese technology today will stay competitive in the global market?

Do you think that the common populace can influence the decision made by the government?

Do you think that the media has too much attention on celebrities’ private lives?

Do you think that the Olympic Games are beneficial to society?

Do you think that young people today do enough to contribute to politics?

Do you think that young voters can influence politics in Japan?

Is a mobile phone changing too quickly for people to keep up with?

Is social media consuming too much of our lives?

Is recycling the best way for society to help the environment?

Should companies pay salaries based more on job performance than on seniority?

Should more be done to improve agriculture in Japan?

Should more be done to improve the pension system in Japan?

Should more be done to prevent people from disclosing their personal information on the Internet?

Should people make more effort to contribute to world peace?

Should school club coaches be allowed to hit students to improve their athletic skills?

Should the government limit the number of people living and visiting the Tokyo area?

Should the government lower taxes in order to improve civilians’ standards of living?

Should the Japanese government accept more immigrants from developing countries?

Should the Japanese government provide young people with more opportunities for studying abroad?


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