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Write an essay on the given TOPIC.

● Use TWO of the POINTS below to support your answer.

● Structure: introduction, main body, and conclusion

● Suggested length: 120-150 words

● Write your essay in the space provided on Side B of your answer sheet.

Any writing outside the space will not be graded.


Agree or disagree: The number of young people who live with their parents after they finish their education will increase in the future.

POINTS: Convenience, Cost of living, Personal freedom, Safety


Should more Japanese students go overseas to study?

POINTS: Education systems, Globalization, Internet technology, Pandemic


Do you think that the Japanese government should increase the number of public hospitals?

POINTS: Cost, Infectious disease, Medical development, Situation in Japan


Agree or disagree: Japan’s telework rate will increase in the future

POINTS: Communication, Coronavirus, Technology, Work efficiency


Do you think that Japanese companies need to improve their treatment of female workers?

POINTS: Child raising, Job opportunities, Salary, Success of the company


Agree or disagree: Japan should become a completely cashless society.

POINTS: Crime, Effect on business, Effect on consumers, Privacy


Should Japan do more to protect its historic sites?

POINTS: Cost, Development Education, Tourism


Agree or disagree: Japanese companies should hire more foreign workers.

P0INTS: Aging population, Costs, Cultural Differences, Globalization


Do you think that Japanese consumers will buy more imported products in the future?

POINTS: Globalization, Government policies, Price, Quality


Is it beneficial for workers to change jobs often?

POINTS: Career goals, Motivation, The economy, Working conditions


Should people stop using goods that are made from animals?

POINTS: Animal rights, Endangered species, Product quality, Tradition


Should cloning research be promoted, or should it be discontinued?

POINTS: Food supply, Ethics, Endangered species, Risks


Can international terrorism every be eliminated?

POINTS: Military action, Education, Financial costs, Historical background


Will fossil fuels such as oil and gas still be the world's main source of energy in the coming decades?

POINTS: Availability, Environmental impact, Public opinion, Technology


Does the Internet have a beneficial effect on society?

POINTS: Interpersonal communication, Education, Business, Technology


Should rich people be required to pay higher taxes?

POINTS: Government funding, Equality, Work incentive, Competitiveness


Agree or Disagree: The use of military force is sometimes justifiable.

POINTS: Self-defense, Moral, Terrorism, Advanced technology


Is enough being done to protect the world's wilderness areas?

POINTS: Extinct animals, Awareness about the environment, Population Growth, Nature conservation


Should the number of weekly working hours be decreased?

POINTS: Economy, Advances in technology, Work-life balance, Salary


Will societies with low birthrates face a crisis in the future?

POINTS: Workforce, Food shortage, Technological innovation, Environmental problems


Agree or Disagree: More Japanese universities should accept scores from Eiken to evaluate students' English abilities.

POINTS: Fairness, Opportunity, Originality, Reliability


Should Japanese convenience stores open twenty-four hours a day?

POINTS: Safety, Workforce, Cost, Modern life


Is the elimination of COVID-19 an attainable goal?

POINTS: Economy, Lifestyle, Medication, Technological development


Do you think that Japanese schools should change the start of the academic year to September?

POINTS: Education, Effect on society, Globalization, Tradition


Agree or Disagree: The use of plastic bags should be banned.

POINTS: Convenience, Dangers, Situation on Earth, Technology


Is it possible to make a sustainable world?

POINTS: Conflict, Human instinct, Pollution, Technology


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